Certificates of Deposit are common investment tools managed by banks. CD's are used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, creating a huge market valued in the trillions of dollars. Cryptex has taken the concept of CD's, combined with Staking pools and classic life insurance, added significantly higher average interest rates, removed high fees and provides you with the deposit and turned it into a decentralized cryptocurrency. - We name it Cryptex DeFi Hybrid Contract -

cryptex defi contracts

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Questions upon questions !?!

You are considering entering the crypto market, but just don’t know how and which assets you want to invest? How does the investment work? What are the risks? Short-, medium- or longterm investment? Understand the investment well enough?

You are looking for an ingenious opportunity to participate in the crypto market without any risks? Without hurdles and bureaucracy?

We noticed the difficulty of crypto trading for many people and have set it as our goal to make DeFi accessible to everyone around the world, no matter where you are located. Our easy platform gives you the opportunity to invest as easily as A-B-C!

Please feel also free to get in touch and our expert support team will answer all your questions.



1. It is risk free
2. It is like free mining
3. Earns interest by staking
4. It is uncensorable
5. Skips bureaucracy
6. 100% transparency
7. 100% privacy
8. No hidden fees and costs
9. Fixed investment deposit (no private asset required)
10. Helps our planet to plant more trees
11. The words best referral program

You determine the duration between 36 and 84 months. No hidden costs, fees or other obligations during the entire term of the contract.

How does it work?



✓ Staking from 3 years per contract
✓ $43,200.00 USD Liquidity providing by Hedged Life Insurance / Policy Secured
✓ $100.00 USD Handling Fee per DeFi Hybrid Contract
✓ Staking Duration per Contract 36 months
✓ Daily Returns not guaranteed
✓ Early Termination options at any time
✓ 24/7 Daily Profits
✓ No hidden fees or further costs
✓ No other obligations
✓ Limited Contracts
✓ 100% money back guarantee if application rejected



1. Step - Open Free CRYPTEX Account Register your free Cryptex account and confirm your e-mail address.
2. Step - Fund your Cryptex Wallet Select your preferred crypto funding provider and fund your account.
3. Step - Apply for CRYPTEX DeFi Hybrid Contract Apply for your personal Cryptex DeFi Hybrid Contract and choose between 36 month until 84 month staking period.
  4. Step - Enjoy your Contract Sit back and let Cryptex do the work for you with no risk, less hassle and less worry.
5. Step - Join the most lucrative referral program Enjoying the best slices on the financial market together with your friends.
6. Step - Payout Your profits are available for payout directly to your preferred crypto wallet.

It is a leasure to present to you the worldwide best referral program. It is fair. Start working with CRYPTEX that can provide everything you need to generate your personal network. Enjoying the best slices on the financial market together with your friends.

    Stop waste your money and time ! Sit back and let Cryptex do the work for you with no risk, less hassle and less worry! Let's build something great together

CRYPTEX DeFi First Risk Free Invest

Achieve maximum growth with minimal effort and risk. Worldwide first risk free invest. Running a CRYPTEX Defi Hybrid Contract will give you a loan of over 40.000 USD to participate in the crypto market. Our partners, consisting of insurance companies and banks, make this capital available through lending. We ensure unbureaucratic processing. All necessary costs and fees for the loan are covered by the generated profits which will be automatically reduced at the end of each month. Your capital will be invested into following instruments through our automated system.

The world's best referral program. Earn with CRYPTEX up to 20 Levels. Earn from deposits and from profits! No hurdles or minimum requirements. Earn as much as you want.